• masterson sta-wet

    Artist Palette Seal 12" x 16"

    Save paint, time and money using the Masterson Palette Seal. This airtight container safely holds any type of paint palette between sessions. For oils, place your favorite type of palette - wood, glass, plastic or paper - into the Palette Seal tray and...
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  • Artist Survival Kit In Brush Basin

    Artist Survival Kit In Brush Basin

    The Masters®Artist Survival Kit is a complete artist clean up set. Includes: The Masters® Brush Cleaner and Preserver (2.5 oz) The Masters® Hand Soap Kiss-Off® Stain Remover All-Art® Sharpener ES-20 Factis® Extra Soft...
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  • Bob Ross #5 Painting Knife

    Bob Ross #5 Painting Knife

    Larger and firmer than traditional painting knives, the Bob Ross palette knives work like magic! Straight-edged blades are unique to the Ross painting method and make loading very easy and simple. The smaller knife is excellent for areas that are...
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  • Bob Ross Brush Beater Rack

    Bob Ross Brush Beater Rack

    Bob's Brush Beater Rack fits into your trash bin. It is used to remove the excess thinner by firmly beating the bristles of the brush against the Brush-Beater Rack. 10.75"x5.25"x5.75", vinyl coated. For use with the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique
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  • Italian Plus Painting 6-knife Set

    Italian Plus Painting 6-knife Set

    This set contains six best-selling Italian painting knives (22, 41, 44, 51, 81, 110) offered at an exceptionally low price. They are manufactured of quality nickel-plated carbon steel and feature solid brass ferrules and hardwood handles with peg holes...
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  • New Age Painting 4-knife Set

    New Age Painting 4-knife Set

    Unique shapes to enhance your creativity! This set allows you to take your paintings to the next level with four high-quality, unconventional palette knives. Featuring innovative shapes and a special water-resistant mirror blade, they are great for use...
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