• Painting Medium, 75ml

    W&N Artists Painting Medium

    This slow drying gloss medium is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks. It thins the consistency of oil colors and dries to a flexible film that has minimum tendency to yellow, wrinkle or crack. Minimum...
    $10.39 - $31.19
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  • Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil, 75ml

    W&N Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil

    This slightly yellow oil is extracted without the use of heat and dries slightly quicker than refined linseed oil. It improves flow and increases gloss and transparency. It is ideal for grinding pigments. For use with oil paints. Slows drying. Increases...
    $14.69 - $40.99
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  • Drying Poppy Oil, 75ml

    W&N Drying Poppy Oil, 75ml

    This oil accelerates the dry time of your oil paint and is made from poppy seeds. It also increases gloss and transparency while reducing consistency, ideal for achieving a luminous effect and working with layers of color. Fast-drying. Resists yellowing...
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  • Gum Arabic, 75ml

    W&N Gum Arabic, 75ml

    Gum Arabic increases the gloss and transparency of watercolors, ideal for layering colors and creating subtle overlays. Pale in color. Customize your painting experience., Reduces staining and slows drying.
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  • Iridescent Medium, 75ml

    W&N Iridescent Medium, 75ml

    Add pearlescent or glitter effects to your watercolors! This medium adds a special touch to your artwork and is particularly striking when mixed with transparent colors, especially over dark backgrounds. Shake well before use. Mix directly with...
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  • Lifting Preparation, 75ml

    W&N Lifting Preparation, 75ml

    Enjoy more freedom to experiment with a medium that makes your surface more forgiving and your watercolors even more versatile. This preparation allows dry washes and enables the staining colors to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet brush, rag...
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  • Linseed Stand Oil, 75ml

    W&N Linseed Stand Oil

    When mixed with turpentine or white mineral spirit, this viscous, slow drying oil will improve oil color flow, and impart a tough, elastic finish to your artwork. Ideal for glazing and detail work. Slow drying. Pale in color. Increases film durability.
    $8.89 - $19.99
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  • Liquin Fine Detail Medium, 75ml

    W&N Liquin Fine Detail Medium, 75ml

    For use with oil and alkyd color, this medium is ideal for fine detail work, allowing you to achieve interesting drip effects or smoothly blend areas with no brush marks. It is also ideal for glazing techniques. Gloss finish. Quick drying. Non-yellowing.
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  • Liquin Light Gel, 75ml

    W&N Liquin Light Gel

    This light gel medium breaks down immediately when brushing onto color and flows with a nice non-drip effect. It is ideal for glazing with oil and alkyd color. Gloss finish. Quick drying. Non-yellowing.
    $7.39 - $24.49
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  • Liquin Original, 75ml

    W&N Liquin Original

    This general purpose semi-gloss medium speeds drying of oil and alkyd colors, improves flow and reduces brush stroke retention for smooth layers of color. It halves the drying time of conventional oil color for paintings that are touch dry in 1-6 days,...
    $7.39 - $43.89
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  • Oleopasto, 200ml

    W&N Oleopasto, 200ml

    This stiff translucent gel allows you to achieve thick impasto effects with oil and alkyd colors. Add dimension to your work and explore traditional techniques with this medium! Non-yellowing. Dries quickly. Does not crack.
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  • Ox Gall Liquid, 75ml

    W&N Ox Gall Liquid, 75ml

    Ox Gall increases the wetting and flow of watercolors. Ideal for vibrant blends and beautifully organic spreads of color, it can also be used on very hard sized papers to reduce surface tension. Add 3-4 drops per cup of water. Will not alter color...
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