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  • Gamblin Magnesium Carbonate

    Gamblin Magnesium Carbonate, 16oz

    Magnesium Carbonate is traditionally used to stiffen ink for printmaking. Once added, it becomes transparent and will not alter your colors. Multi-purpose. Made in the USA. Can be used to alter both Etching and Relief Inks. Multi-purpose. Made in the USA.
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  • Gamblin Burnt Plate Oil

    Gamblin Burnt Plate Oil #000, 8oz

    Burnt Plate Oil is used to lower the viscosity of printmaking inks. Add to ink sparingly, as the detail of a print may be lost if the ink becomes too fluid. Good match for use with Gamblin Relief Inks. Made in the USA. Features less tack. Good match for...
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  • Gamblin Tack Reducer

    Gamblin Tack Reducer, 150ml

    Depending on the type of paper you are using, the climate or how thin of a layer of ink you desire, your ink may be too tacky for the project at hand. Tack Reducer is a gel made from a very light drying oil; add small amounts to your ink to efficiently...
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