May is Plein Air Faire

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  • Depicted is the front cover of the Rhodia Meeting Book Lined 6.3in x 8.3in.

    Rhodia Meeting Book Lined 6.3in x 8.3in

    Invented by a CEO for his own use, this notebook is designed to be an all-in-one record of meeting discussions, decisions and action items. Easy to review at one glance, with space for action items and room to organize notes on the side, it is an...
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  • Depicted is the Travel Spirograph with all of its contents. Depicted is the Travel Spirograph in its original cardboard packaging.

    The Original Travel Spirograph

    The Travel Spirograph is the classic way to create countless amazing designs on the go! This portable Spirograph studio kit has a built-in design ring, work surface and storage compartment for holding your wheels, pens, paper, design guide, and finished...
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  • La Perle des Encres Bleu Myosotis

    La Perle des Encres Bleu Myosotis

    The Jewel of Fountain Pen Inks...La Perle des Encres Non toxic and pH neutral Water based Flows smoothly and is fast drying All natural dye The 30ml "D" bottle has an integrated pen rest. The "D" refers to the old French unit of measure "la Demi...
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  • Jacquard Tie Dye Kit #2

    Jacquard Tie Dye Kit #2

    This easy-to-use tie dye kit features Procion MX fiber reactive dye, a concentrated dye that produces exceptionally brilliant color on any non-synthetic fabric.
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  • Fluid Watercolor Paper Easy-Blocks

    Fluid Watercolor Paper Easy-Blocks

    Crafted in a European mill that has been making fine art papers since 1618, these watercolor paper blocks are made with papermaking machines that are able to operate at very slow speeds, creating a sheet that shares the strength and quality...
    $7.69 - $47.59
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  • Flashe Vinyl Paint 125ml

    Flashe Vinyl Paint 125ml

    Flashe is much more than a matt acrylic paint. It liberates pigment intensity and luminosity in matt colours. The painter can then create and express themselves without being constrained by colour, space or time, finding joy in painting and spontaneity...
    $14.99 - $19.18
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  • Sculpey III 30 Color Sampler

    Sculpey III 30 Color Sampler

    Includes 30 – 1 oz. bars: White, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Leaf Green, Turquoise, Beige, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Purple, Navy Pearl, Lemonade, Gold, Granny Smith, Suede Brown, Spring Lilac, Pearl, Deep Red Pearl, Blue, Sweet Potato,Translucent, Light...
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  • Gamblin 1980 Logo

    Gamblin 1980 Oil Color

    These oil colors offer artists true color for a real value and are intended for painters who are increasing their knowledge of techniques or experimenting with new ideas. Paints are formulated with pure pigments, refined linseed oil and marble dust...
    $7.09 - $28.39
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  • Primary Pastel

    Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pen 5-color Sets

    Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colours of this liquid water colour paint bring every piece of art to life. These handy Water Colour Brush...
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