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Screen Printing

  • Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid 8oz

    Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid 8oz

    Use with screen filler for a tusche-like or positive screen printing technique. Brush drawing fluid on all areas you desire to print and let dry. Then spread screen filler over the entire bottom side of the screen and let dry. Finally, the drawing fluid...
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  • Introductory Screen Printing Kit

    Introductory Screen Printing Kit

    Best for designs that feature detailed hand-drawn images or those possessing a “painterly” quality, the Speedball Introductory Kit contains the materials needed to utilize the Drawing Fluid & Screen Filler process. Includes each of the...
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  • Screen Print Kit Ultimate

    Screen Print Kit Ultimate

    Designed for the true screen printing enthusiast. This kit contains: Four 4 oz. (118 ml) Acrylic (Process Cyan, Process Magenta, Process Yellow, Black) (2) Fabric (Black, Red) Screen Printing Inks (1) 4 oz. (118 ml) Screen Filler (1) 4 oz. (118...
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  • Screen Printing Fabric Kit image

    Screen Print Fabric Intermediate Kit

    This kit includes everything needed to learn screen printing in both the drawing fluid/screen filler and photo emulsion methods to print on paper and fabric. Kit includes: (2) 4 oz. (118 ml) Fabric Screen Printing Inks in Black, Red (1) 4 oz. (118...
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  • Photo Emulsion Kit Photo Emulsion Kit

    Photo Emulsion Kit

    Photo Emulsion is one of the most exciting techniques of screen printing and offers a wide range of possibilities. This method allows for fine line drawings; various lettering techniques; and photographic half-tone positives. This package contains 7...
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